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The Mosquito Ringtone

Parents and Teachers can't hear it!

The mosquito ringtone is adapted from technology created by Howard Stapleton of the United Kingdom. Howard Stapleton created a device that would emit a loud 17 kHz frequency to deter teenagers from loitering around the local shops. The teenagers were creating quite a nuisance. The remarkable thing about the technology is that as people get older they are less susceptible to high pitch frequencies. This is a condition known as Presbycusis and is a natural condition. Hearing loss slowly starts to degrade at about age 20. This creates a method of allowing adults to enter certain areas without being subjected to the high pitched sounds.

Once word got out that a frequency was available that adults couldn't hear, the mosquito ringtone was born. The mosquito ringtone is primarily used by students and teenagers to alert them to an incoming call or text message. The high pitched ring tone prevents adults and teachers from recognizing an incoming call.

Around June 10th, 2006 the mosquito ringtone made it's way to the United States. It's now been lowered to a 14.4 kHz frequency that lends itself to the speakers found in most cell phones. Teens see this as a way to get revenge on the adults that permitted such frequency use. The mosquito ringtone has been dubbed the "mosquitone" which is poised to be the most popular ringtone of the year.

Click here to download the mosquito ringtone directly to your cell phone.